Reproducible Statistical Computing Repository

Blog & Share Statistical Computations at


This website facilitates the dissemination of statistical computations, and allows you to:
  • blog/archive statistical computations produced in R modules (at
  • discuss your empirical results with friends & colleagues
  • reproduce any of the +235K computations that are archived in this blog
  • reuse the statistical computations to create derived works
  • publish compendia of empirical, reproducible research for the purpose of research dissemination and education
The archive can be browsed by time (chronological order). In addition, all statistical computations and compendia are indexed in our internal search engine. This allows you to search this archive through full text search phrases or keywords. Certain types of information are kept confidential and can only be accessed with proper authorization or in anonymous form.


Feedback can be sent to resa at pandora dot be.